Coach Message

Are you seeking to take your 7-figure business to 8-figures?

I have done so and would like to share with YOU what I have learned.

I ORIGINALLY DID… Industrial Engineering for a fortune 500 company, working collaboratively with front line manufacturing workers and their supervisors to improve results through continuous process and procedure improvement known as Kaizen, Japanese for “Change for the Better”.

WHAT MADE ME SUCCESSFUL WAS… I took those Kaizen principles and applied them to two manufacturing and field services businesses, essentially coaching everyone at every level of the organization to become a problem solver with a coach encouraging them to continuously think how they could impact the bottom-line results through Kaizen.

THE RESULT WAS THAT WE… grew the first company from $3.5 million in sales to $23-million over a fifteen year period, while the second grew from $11-million to $33-million in three years.

SO IT WAS ONLY NATURAL… that I am now asked to help business owners, executives, and their teams to apply these and other business principles, strategies, tools, and tactics to achieve their personal and business goals faster than they might ever do on their own.

I provide coaching both 1-on-1 and in small groups. I also have a suite of professional trainings available in the areas of team engagement, personal performance, strategic leadership, superior selling skills, superior sales management, time management (including Eat That Frog!), and Navigational Conversations (learning how to coach = the arts of focused listening, asking intentionally, and telling when trusted.). I teach workshops in strategic planning, communication breakthrough, way-to-wealth, setting and achieving goals, sales breakthrough, master your time, and level-5 leadership .

Typical Results are a Clear Strategic Plan, Effective Teams & Processes, more Compelling Brand & Market Messaging, Stellar Sales Results, and Enhanced Leadership!

Call, email or book me directly and let’s discuss how to GET STARTED!

Is Coaching Right For You, your Team, your Business?

This may surprise you to read here - Coaching & Training is NOT for everyone! Although FocalPoint Coaches & Trainers provide proven solutions for any business in the multifaceted areas of Time, Team, Money and Strategy; what we know to be true is it takes a special person, team or business to be coachable. Are YOU willing to learn more and do more - to achieve more?


If you are business owner, corporate executive or passionate professional who is not satisfied with the status quo and WILLING TO IMPROVE, a Certified FocalPoint Coach like myself, can help you realize a new level of business success. Using the globally proven FocalPoint performance strategies, I will help you discover new ways of approaching business issues, move past obstacles and accelerate your personal and business growth.